This is a quick tutorial how to change the fill color of your Musecons icons, or any other transparent PNG element. By simply applying an inner glow - without using Photoshop or any other application. So let's get started! 

1. Select the icon you've just dragged from your Library to the canvas


2. Click the Effects drop down in the upper panel and check the Glow and Inner Glow checkboxes. Also set the Opacity and Blur to a 100% 


3. Click the color picker and choose the color of choice. 


4. Awesome, you've just changed the fill color of your Musecons icon :-)

I hope this tutorial was helpful. For feedback please email us at and don't forget to, take a look at our Musecons icon Library with 24 handcrafted icons specially made for Adobe Muse.   

Happy Creating! 


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