You don't have the skills and/or time to set up and customize a theme you just bought? Or maybe you have a new idea for your existing Muse website such as improving the slideshow with a stunning new one, adding a video or some content, you may even want to go all out and change the color, high or width. You may even want to add new widgets and functionality? You just designed a new website in photoshop, but don't know how to transfer your psd into a working muse project? We're here to help! 

MuseLayers Customizations helps you get your digital creative jobs and projects done, no matter how simple or small. We create pixel perfect work that makes you shine, everything from theme customizations to PSD to Muse to custom widgets. Every Service Package comes with a upfront pricing and clear expectations. 

MuseLayers Customizations in 7 Steps:

1. Find the service you need
We offer a lot of different services from simple theme customizations, custom widgets to PSD to Muse services.

3. Give them your job brief
A detailed job brief helps us to-do the work you'll love, quickly, with minimum back and forth.

4. Project management 
After you've purchased the Service Package we will respond to you within 12 hours via email, and send you the log in details for your project mangegment account. If you prefer to talk via phone or meet face to face instead, we can also communicate via Skype for your project.

5. Get work done
Once your job is accepted, we will start work and complete it within the turnaround time wev've promised.

6. Make changes if necessary
Use your available revisions to make tweaks to the work and make it perfect for you. Each service comes with a set number of available revisions.

7. Receive finished work
Once you're happy with the work, we will hand over any deliverables to you and complete the job.

Getting work done through MuseLayers is simple, fast and fun.
 Let's get started! Find a Service ⥅



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